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  • I just want to appreciate the quality of the work you did on my project. As i begin to work with it all I am impressed by the choices you made and the organiztion of all this video. Thanks again. All my best

    - John Bush, Independent filmmaker

  • Tackled a very challenging project. 5 days from the first client meeting to the delivered film from pre to post-production. Was'nt sure if Id be able to pull it off. Thanks to Good and willing Team Members who ensured that we finished this project In time.

    - Amitesh Singhal, Independent filmmaker

  • The term 'workaholic'. I realised what it means after meeting and working with all Postmen. They are very creative and expert. Pradeep's (Post-Director) job. In fact I would be saying too little when I say that 'EXPERT' is his middle name !!!

    - Raja thapar, Independent Photographer